The Splash Pad is CLOSED for the Season

Greenwood, SC Uptown Market Splash Pad Hours are Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day:  11am-7pm Monday-Saturday and 1pm-7pm Sunday

Fountain Season 2019


We are closed during inclement weather.

This fountain utilizes a state-of-the-art water recirculation and treatment system to minimize environmental impacts and maximize fun - how refreshing!



Plan your visit:

Bring lawn chairs/camping chairs, sunscreen, and towels.

Do not bring water balloons, stickers, tiny toys which can cause clogs.

Review the rules below- they are for your safety and the safety of others. You may be asked to leave if the rules are not followed.

 Restrooms automatically lock at 7:15pm.


 Plan a Birthday Party at the Splash Pad! Read our birthday guidelines and complete a Rental Application.



No children under the age of 16 will be allowed in the fountain area without proper supervision.

No animals or pets will be allowed in the fountain area

No glass will be allowed in the fountain area

No food and drink allowed in the fountain area.

No Radios, CD players, computers or other electronics projecting audible music are allowed.

No spitting or nose blowing allowed in the fountain area

Swim suits and/or appropriate swim attire must be worn at all times. Thongs and transparent colored suits are prohibited.

Children not toilet-trained must wear a swim diaper. Regular disposable or cloth diapers are not allowed.

Persons with diarrhea or nausea will not be allowed in the fountain area

Persons with skin, eye, ear, or respiratory infections will not be allowed in the fountain area

Persons with open lesions or wounds will not be allowed in the fountain area

No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances are allowed.

No person under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be allowed in the fountain.

Smoking and tobacco products are prohibited.

Bicycles, scooters, skates, hover boards, rollerblades and skateboards are prohibited.

Running and horseplay are prohibited in the fountain area.

Persons must conduct themselves in a courteous, safe, and family-oriented manner. The use of profanity or abusive language, symbols or gestures may result in removal from the fountain area.

Athletic equipment, balls, bats, beach balls, noodles, etc. are not allowed in the fountain area.

In the event of threatening weather, the fountain will be closed. We ask that persons go to a safe area.

The City of Greenwood reserves the right to remove participants for violating any of the above rules or engaging in illegal, disruptive, destructive, or inappropriate behavior.

The maximum number of users allowed in the fountain is 343.

 Please note that the Uptown Market Code of Conduct applies to all of our visitors, and helps us maintain a safe and inviting space for all to enjoy!