Selecting Your Space & Making Payment

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Pick and Pay!!  We have made this easy for you.  Read the instructions below, pick your desired space, pay online and complete the TEAM APPLICATION.  For additional info, please call 864.942.8412.  

o   In order to secure your spot, you must pay at least a 25% deposit (of your total entry fee). 

o   Payment can be made by check (via mail) or online.  Just remember that if you pay by mail, it may not process as quickly as an online payment.    

For online payment

·         Click

·        Select “Festival of Discovery” from the drop down menu.

  • Enter your payment amount (at least 25% to secure your space)
  • In the Receipt note, please enter Team Name, Chief Cook & YOUR TOP 3 Space #'s requested (in order)

·         NOTE:   4% fee applies to online payment.  If you cancel for any reason, we cannot refund this 4% fee.

·         If you pay online, please remember to IMMEDIATELY mail, email or fax your APPLICATION as indicated.  Applications can be      emailed HERE or faxed to 864.942.8470.

·         Your fee must be paid in its entirety by June 26th or you may forfeit your spot to another team.  Balance can be paid via check, credit card or cash. 

The Layout Map will be updated as spaces are purchased.  If there are changes, they will be updated on the map by 4pm of the same day.  Please visit to check the map prior to selecting your spot.