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Art Exhibit | South Carolina Festival of Flowers Juried Youth Art Show 2019

Partnered By: South Carolina Festival of Flowers

Youth FOF 5327

Exhibit Description: The South Carolina Festival of Flowers Juried Youth Art Show was established in 2015, as a sanctioned event in conjunction with the festival, with funding attributed to an established endowment in the name of Virginia Self. The annual show will be on view May 30 - June 8, 2019 with monetary awards totaling $1,500. This year's show highlights pieces by 107 youth artists, grades 1 - 12, representing 17 different schools and various home-school students from within Abbeville, Clinton, Greenwood and Hodges.

Artists Include: Adalyn Fowler, Aflan Kidd, Alaina Cresswell, Alayna Bragg, Ali Bonnett, Angelina Dicola, Anika Sweet, Anna Grace Moon, Anna Kate Erickson, Anna Watson, Areli Pacheco-Elizondo, Aryanna Thompson, Aubrey Kate Munnerlyn, Ava Zou, Bailey Myers, Bradley Funderburk, Brayden Barnes, Cameron Elliot, Carter Duffie, Cat Cullens, Cat Todd, Catherine Fleming, Catherine Fleming, Chloe Ison, Chloe Todd, Christina Wise, Dewitt Smith, Dominique Smith, Ellis Kate Ackerman, Emily Bridgeman, Emily Perpetua, Estefani Santana, Eva Arnold, Evelyn Hernandez Almazon, Genna Dalrymple, Gerri Hill, Gicel Vercleflor, Hailey Justice, Hannah Nation, Hannah Pyon, Hayley Remus, Indya Southerland, Isabella Williams, Jaden Hill, Jessica Duran, Josiah Williams, Josie Van Eyk, Julia Donaghy, Julieth Dominguez, Kadence Matthews, Kaiety Threatt, Kameron Amerson, Karina Espino, Kaylin-Mahal Smith, Kian Crawford, Lana Machione, Landon Merritt, Leilani Rabon, Leland Reed, Lena Royal, Lexi Rackley, Liliana Harrison, Lily Flinn, Lily Mac Velkey, Lily Rudd, Lindsey Bush, Lisbon Lopes, Louisa Gene Smith, Lucas Tallent, Lyric Rhinehart, Madison Amerson, Madison Smith, Mary Anne Fowler, Mary Margaret Skinner, Mattison Swartzentruber, MG Morrow, Michael Floyd, Mirabel Harrison, Myka Hite, Natalee Price, Nellie Morton, Norah Jones, Paige Timmerman, Rachel Holder, Rachel Remus, Rachel Rusche, Raja Villareal, Randy Hutchinson, Rayane Thompson, Reagan Myers, Robyn Boyd, Ronnie Case, Ruth Divilbiss, Sebastian Wiecki, Seth Reynolds, Shermiyah Kelly, Spencer Smith, Stevii Randall, Sudie Clem, Susanna Frazier, Sydney Raber, Taylor Bates, T'Kyra Mumphrey, Tystasia Ruff, Will Thompson, Zaylee Landmesser and Zayne Sample

Exhibit Duration: May 30 - June 8, 2019

Exhibit Admission: OPEN TO THE PUBLIC| Business Hours: Mon-Fri (10 am - 5 pm) / Sat (10 am - 3 pm)

Exhibit Contact: | 864.388.7800

Exhibit Reception: Thursday, June 6 @ 5:00 - 6:30 pm with Awards Ceremony @ 6:00 pm (OPEN TO THE PUBLIC) - refreshments will be provided  

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